Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) is an exceptionally gentle yet extremely powerful form of treatment, which engages and works with the deepest healing forces within the body in order to help it regain its natural balance and health. CST can enhance health in any circumstances – from new born babies to the elderly, from birth patterns, injury, illness, trauma, and all the many stresses and strains of life, both physical and emotional, often resolving issues that are not helped by other means. It is and can be profoundly transformative process.


Through deep presence and a light touch the Craniosacral practitioner listens with their hands and all of their senses to what it is that the client’s body wants to achieve. Then they go about helping it to do this via conversation, verbal and non-verbal, between the client, client’s body and the practitioner. Sometime during a CST treatment Reiki healing may come through as this is what the client’s body may need and enables facilitating a fuller expression of Health by the client. Some conditions I’ve treated with Craniosacral and Reiki (Creiki) is depression, stress, anxiety, and burn-out, urinary infections and arthritis.