Relax, Unwind and Destress a busy mind

Develop your present moment awareness, open your heart and mind to be more in the present moment by bringing stillness. Once the art of meditation has been learnt, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to reach the deepest states of relaxation with a spare 10 minutes, even in the busiest and most hectic of environments, such as at home, work, on the bus, train or even a plane. Research has shown that Meditation benefits the physical, mental and spiritual body and is the most effective way to combat stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Learn the technique of finding a New Flow in Life through meditation.

New Flow in Life – Group Session

Duration: 6 week course

Group Course Dates: now open 

Min 4 people to start

Duration:  70 minutes | Price £100

New Flow in Life: Private Session

1 hour private session – to start at your own convenience.

Please contact Steph for dates,  prices and to make that booking.

Fluid Meditation and Reiki Courses:

Private meditation class in the flow of hands-on healing – duration  90 minutes. Session incorporates Reiki healing (Kingston and Peckham only)

                                                 Price £59.00

 I don’t believe in a rigid Meditation schedule in just “Being”!

Note: All meditation courses are non-religion based.