Reiki Level 2 (Second Degree)


In Level 2 (Advanced), you will learn how to give healing to the public, apply for insurance and practice professionally for a fee (if you so wish too or use the advanced techniques it for your own personal growth and healing). On the training day, you will learn and work with the 3 Reiki symbols, Empowerment, Harmony and Distant healing. Distance Healing alone is an invaluable tool for helping people when you can’t be physical with them.


*To offer you the most out of your learning experience, I have made only 6 spaces available, so please book in advance.


If any of the dates listed below do not suit you,

please contact me directly as I am happy to teach 1-to-1.

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The sublime Reiki Level 2 course is taken at least 6 – 8 weeks after the Level 1. This period is important as it provides you time to play and practice Reiki. The time ensure your personal growth with the energy as Level 2 further enhances, increases and refines your ability to work with the energy.

Workshop Content:

  • What the 3 symbols mean, how to draw and use them.
  • Reiki Level 2 attunement,
  • Understanding Distance Healing across space and time allowing you to heal your past, prepare for the future and help others far away.
  • Distant healing practice
  • Techniques for automatic and multiple healing, enabling you to send Reiki to recurring events and to a number of receivers at the same time.
  • Giving each other a Reiki treatment using the symbols.
  • Preparing a space with the symbols
  • Loads of Practice time using the symbols.
  • Aspects and requirement of setting up your own professional practice.
  • Reiki Ethics for personal Practice, record keeping, and administration.

After the course you will receive a comprehensive course manual, linage, certification in Usui Reiki and free advice by either telephone or e-mail after the course, and student discount on future Reiki treatments with me.